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Commercial Refrigeration Endocube
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Endocube Commercial Refrigeration
'Wasting energy costs the earth'
Department of the Environment
Just a few reviews from happy customers
"COFELY GDF Suez carried out an extensive and detailed trial of the EndoCube product on a number of different refrigeration units, over a number of months. Post monitoring analysis yielded some very promising results ranging from approximately 15-50% savings on the units where the EndoCube had been installed."
Commercial Refrigeration EndoCube
John Spall, Energy Manager
Refrigeration Efficiency
'...During the trial we fitted one unit to a walk-in cold room and one unit to an upright fridge; we monitored the kWh consumption for one week with the unit fitted and one week without, we found that we were showing a 9% reduction in electrical consumption week on week. Following the trial I have had 84 EndoCube devices fitted to various refrigeration units at both the above properties. Year on Year savings on electrical consumption have been 18%. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to any hotel as a cost effective way to reduce electrical consumption and also prolong the working life of their equipment.' 
Commercial Refrigeration EndoCube
Simon Pearson, Chief Engineer
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'...When we saw the advert for the EndoCube we were just beginning our environmental project. Trials were set up and showed the savings made it an invaluable product to use. We have asked all our 150 kitchens to have them fitted and our client response has been extremely positive. Everyone from EndoCube has been extremely helpful, I have no hesitation to recommend them to others.'
Endocube Commercial Refrigeration
Caroline Fry, Joint Managing Director
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"...We have carried out an independent trial with an EndoCube in one of our on-site kitchens, through the trial we made an energy saving of 17.78%. Based on these savings we will be rolling out the EndoCube across all of our sites. It is a simple idea that seems to be very effective in energy saving which will lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions."
Endocube Commercial Refrigeration
Mike Wells, Head of Facilities
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 '...When we first heard about the EndoCube, we wanted to test it as quickly as possible. We arranged for a large scale trial to be completed and once the results were in, we immediately implemented the EndoCube at the Riverbank Park Plaza. As a result of installing over 150 EndoCubes, we are saving appx £17,000 per year on our electricity bill. Since the successful trial at Riverbank the EndoCube is being installed through out the Park Plaza Hotels in the UK.'
Commercial Refrigeration EndoCube
David Bell, Chief Engineer
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'...We have had 23 EndoCube units installed on our refrigeration equipment throughout the hotel. Since being installed we have noted significant reductions in energy bills and have reported considerably less equipment failure. We are delighted with the EndoCubes performance which has helped us reduce our carbon footprint and most importantly our operating costs. We would happily recommend this amazing technology to all industries utilising refrigeration equipment.'
Endocube Commercial Refrigeration
Mark Francis, Maintenance Manager
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'...In July 2007 our Environmental Management System was accredited to ISO 14001; the roll out of EndoCube into our business forms a major part of the programme of projects and initiatives integral to our EMS. We are delighted to have been working with EndoCube distribution for over a year now and in that time we have developed a very successful partnership. So far we have over 200 EndoCubes installed into fridges and freezers throughout our business saving our clients not only money and energy but also reducing CO2 emissions. ' 
Commercial Refrigeration EndoCube
Mike Hanson, Head of Sustainability & Environmental Management
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'...The units have been installed on all the reach in and walk in refrigeration. Since installation, the amount of cycling on and off the units has fallen by 30%, which will no doubt improve the longevity of the condenser units. Energy savings have been measured at around 18-20%, depending on the individual units, and this has resulted in savings of over a thousand pounds a year in total. I would not hesitate to recommend installation of these units to refrigerators and freezers in order to save electricity and wear on the equipment.' 
Endocube Commercial Refrigeration
Andy Bunce, Group Engineer
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