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Endocube Commercial Refrigeration
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How Does the EndoCube Work?
The EndoCube fits easily over the thermostat sensor on commercial refrigeration units.
It then turns the refrigeration unit on and off as the product temperature demands
eCube Commercial Refrigeration The EndoCube solves what is possibly the largest and longest running flaw in refrigeration technology. In order to understand how an EndoCube can benefit you, you need to know something about how a fridge
Refridgeration Endocube Fits easily over your existing thermostat sensor
Endocube Refrigeration Prevents fluctuating air temperatures
Refridgeration Endocube Turns the refrigeration unit on and off as appropriate
Commercial Refirgeration Endocube The resulting longer on/off cycles lead to considerable savings
How it Works
Whether you are talking about the refrigerated hold of a massive cargo ship or a commercial refrigeration unit, they all work to the same principle. There will be a thermostat that monitors the temperature within the fridge or freezer. When this temperature rises above a threshold value, the thermostat activates a 'cooling cycle'.

It is during these cooling cycles that much of the energy used by a refrigeration unit is consumed. Refrigeration units use a pumping system as part of the cooling system.

Endocube Refrigeration
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The EndoCube reduces the number of times that the refrigeration cycle is activated. This is because even in almost all fridges and freezers, the thermostat uses a sensor which measures the temperature of the air rather than the contents.

The problem is that air can change its temperature much more quickly than food or liquid.

This means that the refrigeration unit triggers its cooling cycle, expending more energy, even when it may be that the contents of the fridge are still cold or frozen in the case of a freezer. This is more common in refrigerated display cabinets, where there is a constant flow of air as they are either open to the surroundings or have repeatedly opened doors.

The genius of the EndoCube is that it fits over the thermostat sensor and mimics the temperature of the food. This means that the refrigeration unit only activates the cooling cycle when it is actually necessary. This can result in a reduction in cycles of as much as 85%.

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